Econorm Auto Card Alignment



Product Description

It is a device for cleaning the space of the automobile from information distortions connected with different types of pathogenic influences of the environment.

Information distortions lead to disorders of functioning of natural information structures, and elimination of them allows all the objects to function optimally. Ecological parameters of automobiles become much better.

The device “Econorm” is fixed outside the fuel tank on the bottom surface or on the floor inside the car.
The experience of exploitation of the device during many years in different towns of Russia showed that as a result of its action the following occurs:

  • Safety of movement grows (the driver monitors the road situation better and with more attention and makes correct decisions)
  • lowering toxicity of the exhaust from 2 to 10 times
  • economy of fuel from 5 to 20%
  • lowering the noise of the motor
  • increasing the capacity and improving dynamic characteristics of the automobile
  • increasing the resource of practically all the units and as a consequence, growing of inter-maintenance running period
  • lowering the possibility of malfunctioning of all the car systems
  • improving the anti-corrosive stability of the car body
  • cleaning of the air inside the car and elimination of technical smells
  • lowering of fatigue of drivers


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